09-05-2020 - News

Racing may be cancelled but we’re in this together


This weekend should have been a special one for us at OC Sport and for hundreds of you too.

Not only would we be celebrating the start of the single-handed transatlantic ocean race, The Transat CIC and celebrating its 60th anniversary, but we would also be welcoming thousands of you to the start line at Harmony Geneva Marathon for UNICEF - one of the fastest and most beautiful marathon courses in Europe.

It is normal to feel sad about ‘what could have been’ but today we also encourage you to still find ways to enjoy and celebrate this weekend, whilst looking forward to what is to come…

1. Celebrate the fact you had the courage to sign-up for this adventure in the first place. Whether you are a professional sailor taking to the start-line of the Transat with the aim to win, or if you are a new runner competing in your first race at Geneva Marathon, think about how incredible it is it that you took the steps, committed to the training and prepared yourself for this challenge. Look how far you’ve come over the past few years and the improvements you’ve made, both mentally and physically.

2. Touch base with those that you were hoping to be part of this journey with. Whether you have a coach, a friend you were planning to run with or someone you couldn’t wait to share the news with once you had completed your challenge. Give them a call and connect with others. Planning to do it alone? Head to social media channels and write a comment on one of our pages, participants would love to hear from like-minded people from around the world.

3. Get active. Within your government guidelines, make sure you get up and get active. We have seen all sorts of creative ideas taking place during lockdown. For the marathon runners, take inspiration from the 2.6 challenge that London marathon runners participated in a few weeks ago. For the sailors, take a look at how everyone is getting on with the Virtual Regatta. Or why not try getting creative at home like Kilian Jornet did with his Summit At Home.

4. Plan for the future. This isn’t forever and when The Transat CIC and the Geneva Marathon are back and it is time for you to take to the start line, it is going to feel more special than ever. We can’t wait to see you there and look forward to supporting you as you refocus and work towards that finish line feeling.

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