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Introducing the “Cycology of Business”


Our new LinkedIn series, the “Cycology of Business” will explore the benefits of an Haute Route event as a valuable investment for any business manager. It will discuss the power of motivation, techniques and approaches to develop resilience, how to set appropriate and manageable goals, the influence of the mind, the formation of new routines, and the value of shared experiences.

This series will underline how learning must never stop, that leadership is nurtured through personal investment, and that investing in yourself remains a key strategy to elevate one’s leadership.

Our Haute Route Ambassadors, Patrick Merle and Nic Frank talk more about the new series below and look forward to further exploring the benefits of a multi-day cycling event and why it is the key to success off the bike.

The constant desire to climb

Late this year, on August 27, day 3 of the 2019 Haute Route Alps, school teachers, lawyers, IT and software directors, CFOs, small and large company directors, CEOs, and several hundred other athletes from more than 30 different countries will tackle L’Alpe d’Huez, arguably the most famous and challenging climb in cycling history.

More than an iconic ascent, its 21 steep switchback bends exemplify in fact the path to a successful endeavour #business. Business experts have long agreed that a goal is hardly ever achieved by following a flat and smooth straight line. Instead, success is often depicted as a winding and arduous upward road where time, effort, and efficient management quickly take preponderant roles.

So, how do people train to face long challenging projects and insure their successful completions? A large panoply of experts on online seminars are quick to provide advice and deliver motivational speeches yet, what if the answer was to simply get on a bike and pedal? What if gaining a deeper understanding of efficiency was to participate in an Haute Route event, a multi-day amateur cycling experience organised in some of the world’s most iconic mountain ranges?

What if the opportunity to draw some insights and conclusions to facilitate change in a company, or to develop a stronger corporate culture, or to grow as a leader was gleaned through the experience of riding amongst iconic mountains on the open road and did not take place around an oval table, behind a monitor or on a conference call?, What if this experience generated influential ideas, developed a broader corporate network or showed one how to better understand how to overcome adversity on the seat of a bicycle during 3 to 7 days on a fully supported timed event in France, Italy, Norway, Oman, China, Mexico, or the USA?

Coming next: The following article in the series will be shared on 7th May, with each preceding article to be shared on the first Tuesday of every month.

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