10-09-2019 - Blog

Cycology of Business #6: Finding your purpose by Patrick Merle


On September 18, at 5 p.m. CET when registration opens for the 2020 Haute Route season, multiple people from all walks of life and various cycling levels and ambitions will commit to take part in a 3-day compact, 3-day, and/or 7-day event.

Some will sign up for the very first time, while Haute Route alumni may return to their favorite venues or decide to target Crans Montana, Boulder, or Brazil, three new destinations on the calendar.

For all, the registration period and registration day most specifically, will be a high point celebrated with excitement and joy. Our emotional response may be as elevated as a Hors Category climb when each of us press the “submit” button. Euphoric, some may even purchase fancy socks or a new kit in preparation of the challenge without really rationally realizing it.

Indeed, excitement often reaches new heights as the perception of the challenge increases.

But what happens when the wave passes, when cyclists acknowledge their registration’s confirmations, yet remain months away from signing the starting sheet and clipping in at the starting line?

The journey starts and the process begins. Most importantly, this is a time when athletes can ask themselves the purpose of their respective adventures, knowing that any Haute Route event features almost as many individual stories as the total cumulative distance.

Identifying and knowing a purpose proves to be valuable when facing adversity and challenges. Not just in sporting events. The idea is to outline a personal purpose that will consequently demand to consider a plan executed through a process.

So, why register for an Haute Route event in 2020?

Because, above all else, positivity must triumph.

That statement could certainly be a line in a Star Wars episode. Yet, it illustrates the essence of Haute Route events purposely created with the psychological overarching belief that positivity always creates emulation and allows individuals to reach new heights.

From the logo, its shape, its colours, to its visual productions, everything leads to positivity because a collective understanding of optimism, the demonstration of resilience and a mutual defiance of negativity and resignation is a winning formula to crest high summits with smiles.

So, what is my purpose?

Surrounding myself with positive people. Cycling is only my context of choice.

Let’s work together