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Closing of the 3rd edition of Walk the Talk in Geneva


 • Almost 5'000 participants met on the Place des Nations
• Over 1'800 people took part remotely from the dedicated mobile application
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The 3rd edition of "Walk the Talk: the Health Challenge for All" organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) took place on Sunday 22 May in Geneva.
The event aimed to encourage people to move for their health, in Geneva or elsewhere around the world.

The Place des Nations in Geneva woke up this Sunday morning at 7.45 am with numerous activities such as a dance initiation and a warm-up session as well as the opening ceremony of this 3rd edition. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the WHO, officially launched the event: “Thank you for taking part in todays Walk The Talk: The Health Challenge for All. My thanks to the canton and city of Geneva for hosting us today. We are very fortunate that here in Switzerland we have access to vaccine and to high quality health care. But as you know, not everyone around the world is so fortunate. The pandemic has told the world a valuable lesson, that health is the most precious comodity on earth.” The WHO Director General concluded his speech with a smile: "Walk The Talk should be a daily event for everyone.”

The start of the 3km and 4.2km courses was given at 9.00 am with the Geneva champion Tadesse Abraham taking advantage of the event to give advice to the participants and offer them the possibility to run alongside him. “It’s really a pleasure to see so much people move. I think it’s clear how important sport is, we saw it during covid time, everybody did some sport. It is very important for our health to integrate sport into our lives” said the champion Tadesse.

4’963 participants ran, walked or used their wheelchairs on the different courses. The walker Marie expressed her enthusiasm for the event: "It was great to be able to relive this event. There's no pressure, no timer. You do physical activity as a group just to have a good time."
Yoga classes were also given, and demonstrations of Australian Football were available with African music in front of the WHO buildings. All these free activities were aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Walk The Talk around the world

The event was not limited to Geneva as the 3km and 4.2km routes could be completed anywhere in the world using a dedicated mobile application. This allowed participants to run the distance of their choice. Along the way, they received audio messages motivating them to complete the challenge.
In total, more than 1'800 uses of the app were made on Sunday 22 May, a format that is proving its worth and helping people to move for their health.
The World Health Organization would like to congratulate the 6’260 people who participated. It would also like to thank all the volunteers of the Staff Association who worked to make the event a success, as well as the competent authorities of the City and Canton of Geneva, without whom nothing would be possible.

Next project: Healthy FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, creating Legacy for Sport and Health

The next WHO project is linked to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The project entitled "A Healthy World Cup" aims to ensure that the World Cup is organised with a focus on health and safety and to ensure that it leaves a legacy by becoming a landmark and sustainable model that promotes the consideration of health, safety and well-being in future major sporting events.
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