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The AG2R LA MONDIALE 2020 transatlantic race: first transatlantic race of the Figaro Bénéteau 3

In 14 editions, the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE has seen generations of sailors pass through. The greatest navigators once charted their course on the route between Brittany and Saint-Barthélemy. Intense, demanding, varied, every two years it reveals new duos coming to confront each other across the Atlantic. During each edition, the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE builds its legend a little more. And in 2020, the story continues with the arrival of a new one-design, the Figaro Bénéteau 3.

An ever-renewed dynamic

The only double-handed transatlantic race on equal terms, the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE is a benchmark among offshore races. A must-see on the Figaro Bénéteau circuit, it offers skippers the possibility of an unusual exercise: sailing a one-design double-handed boat of less than 11 meters for 3 short weeks on the North Atlantic. The next edition will constitute the first major event of the 2020 French Elite Offshore Racing Championship. It will also be the first Atlantic crossing of the brand new Figaro Bénéteau 3, equipped with foils and successor to the Figaro Bénéteau 2 which operated for 16 years. More innovative, the newly launched one-design will give rise to a faster transatlantic race. Adrien Hardy and Thomas Rettant, winners of the last edition, took 18 days 11 hours and 48 minutes to take victory. A time which could be reduced by 2 to 4 days according to the observations made during the first races of the Figaro Bénéteau 3. Above all, the change of support has energized the fleet. More than 40 skippers are expected to start the Solitaire URGO Le Figaro next June. Among them, former winners who decided to take advantage of the year of launch of the new one-design to come and rub shoulders with the new generation. This superb dynamic offers the possibility of a choice plateau moored in a year in the heart of the town of Concarneau. Armel Le Cleac'h, winner of the 2016-2017 Vendée Globe, has for example already announced his participation in the event.


In a year to the day

The Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE has been supported since 1992 by the leading social protection group in insurance of people and their property, AG2R LA MONDIALE MATMUT, through its AG2R LA MONDIALE brand, which makes it one of the most loyal partners of sailing. And it is the values of self-sacrifice, surpassing oneself, solidarity, performance and sharing which are the basis of the longevity of AG2R LA MONDIALE's commitment to sailing.


For AG2R LA MONDIALE Sponsorship Director, José Messer: “We have built our history with the Transat around essential values which matter as much for sailors as for our Group. Solidarity and performance have guided our involvement for 27 years. The women and men who participate in each edition for three weeks write a new story. It fascinates and amazes. The Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE offers us the opportunity to create links and unite. It also allows us to share with the general public just as the duos do even while they are at sea with the photos and videos sent from on board. It is for these reasons that we are so loyal to sailing and in particular to this Transat. »


AG2R LA MONDIALE, as the primary supporter of the eponymous transatlantic race, can count on institutional partners who are also very committed. The Brittany region, the Quimper Cornouaille CCI, the Finistère Departmental Council, the departure city, Concarneau, and the arrival island, Saint-Barthélemy, are working alongside AG2R LA MONDIALE to continue to make the Transat one of the most beautiful ocean races.


It is on April 19, 2020 that the fleet will leave Concarneau to reach Saint-Barthélemy. Before this kick-off, the village located at the foot of the walled town of Concarneau will be the scene of 10 days of festivities shared between sailors and the general public. The opportunity also to give ample space to disabled athletes who will come for the 3rd consecutive edition to form duets with the Transat sailors during the Handivoile challenge organized by AG2R LA MONDIALE and FFVoile. This challenge, which is experiencing increasing success, makes it possible to promote diversity and fight against exclusion; a strong message to which the skippers of the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE are fully committed.




Mathieu Sarrot, Director of Offshore Events OC Sport Pen Duick

“The arrival of the new Figaro Bénéteau 3 creates new interest and superb dynamics which should also be felt in the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE. This new one-design seduces the most seasoned sailors and attracts the younger generation with the pleasure of gliding and new sensations. The race will celebrate its 15th edition and we are particularly proud and happy with this longevity. The skippers are very attached to this double-handed Transat and they appreciate the investment of all the private and institutional partners. The history and collaboration which links the different partners of the race make it a unique event which occupies a special place in the offshore racing calendar. »


Loïg Chesnais-Girard, President of the Brittany Region

“The Brittany Region remains a loyal partner of the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE. Because, beyond the beautiful popular festival which enlivens the quays of Concarneau before the departure, the sailing race conveys values which are dear to us: the taste for effort, performance, excellence and the ability to surpass oneself. Values shared by our two skippers of the Brittany-CMB Ocean Racing Excellence Line, Loïs Berrehar (Performance) and Tom Laperche (Espoir), to whom I wish to experience, and to make us experience, an edition as beautiful as the one shared with Sébastien Simon, 2nd in the general classification last year. I send my encouragement to all the skipper duos and wish them a great Transat 2020 aboard their new boat! »

Jean-François Garrec, President CCIMBO Quimper, President of the CCI Bretagne

“Boating represents a real economic and sporting ambition for Cornwall. Our territory has many assets that we must promote. The sea is one of them.

From the construction of boats to the organization of large-scale maritime events, the sector is deployed effectively in Cornwall, as evidenced by the hosting of the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE on our territory. By mobilizing in 2006 for Concarneau to be the starting city for the Transat, the CCI initiated a movement. We are convinced of the economic, sporting and tourist influence of the event. The latter contributed to the opening of the territory to a large and varied public by bringing together the nautical sectors, commerce, agri-food industry, fishing, etc. This synergy of know-how, desires and ambitions has made the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE the unmissable event on the Cornish economic and sporting agenda. »


André Fidelin, Mayor of Concarneau

“Our history with the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE is one of loyalty and we are proud to once again host the race. It contributes to the maritime diversity of the city which is also a fishing port, a major place for shipbuilding and which displays great dynamics in terms of boating and pleasure boating. The Transat will launch the start of the tourist season, it is important for Concarneau. Over the years, a very beautiful partnership has developed between trusted people. All partners are working closely together to ensure that the 2020 edition is a superb success. »


Bruno Magras, President of the Territorial Council of the Overseas Collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy

“By taste or necessity, the inhabitants of Saint-Barth have always been seasoned and renowned sailors. With the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE, our island perpetuates this story of sailors and revives the symbolic thread of its origins, when French peasants embarked to cross the Atlantic and settle on our rock. It is with pride and pleasure that we have welcomed these duos of heart and courage for 28 years. »


Yannig Livory, President of the Figaro Bénéteau class


“With the arrival of the new boat, the Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE will probably experience some changes. The options taken by the fleet and the race strategy will be different. The boat is wetter, faster and more physical and with its new set of sails it offers quite a few sailing possibilities. We will have a very compact fleet with very tight arrivals. This will be the first major event of the 2020 season. We are seeing a major renewal of the field this year and I hope that this will also be the case for the Transat. »


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