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We know how and when to challenge existing formats, enter into unchartered ground and explore untapped natural environments

We understand how powerful sports events can be, whether that is from a brand perspective, or as an athlete and spectator. We know how to create an unforgettable sporting event and we are proud to have a unique portfolio of boundary breaking events, developed and managed by our team across sailing, cycling and running which harness the power of nature and provide unparalleled experiences connecting fans, participants and sponsors.

01 Creative

We pride ourselves on our creative thinking and innovative ideas. Our team are passionate about the importance of sport, and channel that to create unique sporting events that you won’t find anywhere else.

02 Strategic

Our experience enables us to spot an opportunity and to create industry-leading sports events across the globe that provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for participants, underpinned by strong commercial return.

03 Technical & Delivery

From concept right through to bringing an event to life, we utilise our experience and knowledge of the sports industry to meticulously plan every technical aspect to deliver exceptional events that provide maximum value and ROI.

We have created and acquired the rights to sporting events that have engaged thousands of athletes, hundreds of brands and millions of public and fans, as well as governments, cities and institutional partners, all over the world.

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