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Creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences on the sea, in the mountains and on the road

At OC Sport, we are all about creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for athletes – whether amateur or professional. As a world-class sports event management company, we utilise our experience and knowledge of the sports industry to develop and grow sports properties and we place sustainable delivery at the centre of our actions.

We have over 20 years' experience in the sports business and we understand how to build unforgettable activations for commercial partners, offering them the chance to be part of unique events that create unrivalled engagement opportunities with their customers.

01 Full event logistics and operational requirements

We offer complete event operations management, and we pride ourselves on our high-quality logistical support. Our sustainable operations strategy is ingrained in both the preparation and delivery of all of our complex events.

02 Communication and Marketing

We provide fully-integrated marketing and communication support and we know how to create and share meaningful content across digital, social and traditional channels to reach the right audience and promote events.

03 Sponsorship and Hospitality

We work with sponsors and partners to develop unique purpose-driven activation opportunities that engage with their target audiences, putting them at the heart of the event.

04 Course Setting and Management

Thanks to our skilled race directors, we know how to develop race courses that not only challenge athletes, but provide maximum engagement opportunities for partners, media and fans – on the oceans and on the roads.

05 Event Expansion and Development

We utilise our experience of the sports industry as well as our commercial know-how to develop and grow events, ensuring we never stand still.

Sport is our passion and we believe in the power of it to achieve extraordinary goals – for both athletes and partners.

We create and manage our own events, as well as working with leading global brands, who are always impressed by our professional service and remain committed to us, entrusting us with their events and projects year after year.

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