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Core-Lean becomes Main Partner of Run Mate, the relay race around Lake Geneva

  • Run Mate Lake Geneva, finds the right fit and receives for its 4th edition the support of Core-Lean which reaches the rank of Title Partner.

  • The event is now called “Run Mate by Core-Lean Lac Léman”.

  • A new logo in the colors of Core-Lean seals this partnership.

Core-Lean will be, from the 2022 edition, the new Title Partner of Run Mate Lac Léman. The consulting firm specializing in team support wishes to demonstrate through this partnership that with a united team, all in the same state of mind and with a clear and defined goal, nothing is impossible to accomplish.

With its rapid development at the local and international level, Core-Lean wants to draw inspiration from the values of team sport to improve the performance of its teams and those of its clients. Core-Lean is happy to collaborate with the Run Mate organizing committee for the success of this race which is intended to be accessible to all. Indeed, Run Mate is a huge team challenge and everyone can contribute. This philosophy is similar to any professional challenge.

One of the reasons for Core-Lean's involvement in sport is due to the values of excellence and self-improvement conveyed by physical effort. Francesco Corleone, CEO of Core-Lean, explains: “ Our philosophy is to support our clients' teams so that they perform as well as possible and become the best in their field of activity. The experience after a race like Run Mate is unique and meaningful and can be transferred to the professional world. To conclude, our commitment as Title Partner symbolizes my personal recognition of the long collaboration that I have with the Run Mate organizing team”.


The fourth edition of Run Mate by Core-Lean will take place on September 24 and 25, 2022. The concept of Run Mate is new. In fact, the teams, made up of 2 to 9 Mates, must travel in relays over 200 km marked around the lake, using different types of terrain (paths, trails, sidewalks, etc.). The runners divide around thirty relays, ranging from 3 to 13 km, depending on the strategy chosen by each team, with each “Mates” carrying out one or more relays. The race takes place over two days and one night, allowing participants to enjoy a breathtaking sunset and sunrise.

“We are very pleased to welcome Core-Lean as a Title Partner with whom we share the same values of team spirit, culture of excellence and responsibility” exclaims Benjamin Chandelier, director of event. “This new partnership will allow Run Mate to continue its development and we look forward to welcoming Core-Lean employees, many of whom will participate in the event. We also welcome the Dirk Müller Foundation as Charity Partner of the event. Dear to Francesco Corleone, CEO of Core-Lean, this foundation aims to help research into the treatment of strokes as well as the training of doctors in them. These new challenges delight us and we can’t wait for the “Mates” to ignite the tour of Lake Geneva.”


See you on February 16 for the opening of registrations for the 4th edition for people who are on the waiting list. Places are limited and we invite you to register on the waiting list in order to benefit from information relating to the opening of preview registrations. Registrations for all will open on February 18.


Core-Lean is an innovative consulting firm specializing in team support with the aim of achieving the most ambitious objectives possible. When the ambition of these teams is to become the best in their industry, Core-Lean is the ideal partner to generate sustained and stable growth over the long term.

Founded by veterans of the consumer goods industry (FMCG), with a wide range of skills and a track record of running the most efficient operations, Core-Lean has a unique approach to developing people from associates to 'to the leaders of the organization.


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