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Run Mate Lake Geneva 2021: Sensational Mates for an exceptional challenge

The 2021 edition in brief:

  • 200 teams of 2 to 9 runners met this weekend in Pully

  • The entire Lake Geneva vibrated to the rhythm of the running

  • 215 km traveled for 2 days and 1 night

  • 29 relay points, 74 municipalities, 3 Swiss cantons and 1 French department crossed

In teams of 2 to 9 runners, 200 teams set off on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Pully Plage with one goal: to circle Lake Geneva. Under a summer sun, the runners called “Mates” set off on the course in a festive and friendly atmosphere. Over two days and one night, they encouraged each other, surpassed themselves, united but above all experienced an extraordinary human adventure which will remain in their memory.

Once a Mate, always a Mate

Between the need to get together with colleagues, the desire to extend the summer with friends, the desire to raise funds or even meet new people, the Mates strengthened their ties by participating in this unforgettable 3rd edition.

A team met through the “Find your Mates” Facebook group and recounted their experience: “it was good to be with Mates we didn't know, it was even better. We respected the desires and needs of others even more. It was great getting to know each other during the race and we didn't stop talking, even at 4am. It was my best edition, I loved it and I'll come back next year, especially with strangers!”

The Mates were very creative with their team names and some even came up with battle cries. We heard the “Running Dream Team” proclaim “as long as it doesn't snow, everything is fine” or the “Chicken Run” cackling “Cocorico”.

This fun and playful spirit, specific to Run Mate, gives the adventure a real spirit of camaraderie.

The circle is complete

The incredible challenge of going around the majestic Lake Geneva was successfully achieved. Some teams, loyal to the event, wanted to beat their times from previous years while others had the sole objective of finishing and having fun among Mates.

The first team “Team Brio Maté”, big winner of this edition, finished in 15:09:30. The captain, proud of his team, speaks about their victory: “this is the second time we have participated and we once again had a lot of fun. It went really well, we were well organized. This first place was unexpected, we didn't expect to do so well. We’re going to enjoy it with a brio mate and a beer and we’re already looking forward to coming back next year.”

As for the ULTRA teams, the “5 Guys on a Ride!”, circled the lake in 15h31'10. Also notable time since there are only 5 in their brigade.

Beyond the race, 5 challenges kept the Mates busy while waiting for their runner between the different relays. An “Intello Quiz” with one question per relay point allowed the participants’ brains to work.

The craziest teams dressed up as Snow White and the 7 dwarves or in towns crossed around the Lake to participate in the “Carnival of the Mates”.

The fastest Mates were tasked with running the 3 portions of the course specially dedicated to speed challenges called “My Legs Are Better Than Yours” while the greenest ones collected the cigarette butts found along the course.

The last challenge, The Camera Pro, will consist of sending a video montage of the best moments of the adventure a few weeks after the event.

See you in 2022

Today, Sunday September 26, the teams completed this adventure with smiles on their faces and stars in their eyes. Benjamin Chandelier, director of the event, is also moved:

“We are proud to be able to organize an event as exceptional as Run Mate. We have seen smiles, tears and so many emotions that fill us with happiness. Run Mate will be remembered forever and we are already looking forward to organizing the next edition.

With these words, we would particularly like to thank our partners, our volunteers, the Cantons of Vaud, Geneva and Valais as well as the department of Haute-Savoie. We particularly thank the municipality of Pully as well as all the municipalities of Bourg en Lavaux, Vevey, Montreux, Villeneuve, Port-Valais, Saint-Gingolph, Meillerie, Lugrin, Evian-Les-Bains, Thonon-Les-Bains, Anthy-sur -Léman, Excenevex, Yvoire, Chens-sur-Léman, Veigy-Foncenex, Meinier, Genève, Pregny-Chambésy, Versoix, Coppet, Nyon, Prangins, Bursinel, Rolle, Aubonne, Morges, Préverenges, Lausanne and the 45 other municipalities crossed .”

The waiting list for the 2022 edition is already open if you also want to become a Mate, reserve your place quickly (they are limited!): Click here

The 2021 edition in figures:

  • 3rd edition

  • 215 km of marked and secure route

  • 2 to 9 runners per team

  • 200 teams

  • 175 Team teams (6 to 9 per team)

  • 25 Ultra teams (2 to 5 per team)

  • 16 student teams (who benefited from a discount)

  • 29 relays

  • 2 days and 1 night

  • 2 countries: Switzerland and France

  • 3 cantons: Vaud, Valais, Geneva

  • 1 department: Haute-Savoie

  • Relays from 3km to 13km

  • 250 volunteers

  • 5 non-race challenges

  • 40% women

  • 60% men

  • 37 years old average age


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