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OC Sport launches its Rethink Sport sustainable development strategy - Rethinking Sport - within its portfolio of global events

OC Sport – the global sports management company specializing in the creation and implementation of unique sporting events has launched its new sustainable development strategy, Rethink Sport - Rethinker le Sport. The main objective of this strategy is to achieve carbon neutrality across the company by 2028 and aims to provide exemplary leadership across all operations, using the power of corporate events. 'OC Sport to maximize the meaning of actions.


OC Sport will integrate the principles and practices of sustainable development into all its operations and each of the company's events in order to achieve these carbon neutrality objectives.


Integrated into the roadmap, events with mass participation including the Harmony Genève Marathon for Unicef, La Tour de Genève Triathlon, Run Mate Lac Léman, as well as the 20km of Genève by Genève Aéroport will achieve zero carbon emissions. by 2025.


OC Sport's sailing events will achieve carbon neutrality by 2028, including La Solitaire du Figaro, The Transat CIC, the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe and the Double Transat - Concarneau - Saint-Barthélémy.


In addition, OC Sport will actively seek to reduce its carbon emissions in its offices in France and Switzerland, in order to have a neutral footprint by 2023. This, by introducing a travel policy and a sustainable sourcing charter for products and services, while developing comprehensive sustainable operations for each of its events.


OC Sport will maximize the reduction of its carbon emissions and invest in projects to offset remaining emissions that cannot be avoided.


Hervé Favre, CEO of OC Sport , declares: “Our global events offer an excellent opportunity to showcase sport while reaching a wide audience. As a business, we have a responsibility to use our voice to take action and raise awareness of the key issues we face . »


“We will continue to rethink the way we organize our events to move us towards a cleaner, lower carbon future. We will use our global platform to raise awareness and maximize the meaning of our actions, ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor sport for years to come. We look forward to sharing our progress and partnering with other like-minded organizations. »

Geert Hendriks, Director of Blueshift, sustainability advisor to OC Sport adds: “ Outdoor sports can play a crucial role in rebuilding our society post-COVID and we are very happy to see OC Sport taking leadership in contributing to a healthier society. We must rethink sport to drastically reduce our carbon emissions, but also to promote the societal and environmental impact that outdoor sports events bring . »


OC Sport has already joined forces with more than 200 other global sports organizations as a signatory to the Sport for Climate Action framework, led by the UN Climate Change. The signatories are working together to achieve carbon neutrality within the sports industry, for a safer planet and on track towards a zero carbon economy by 2050.

To achieve these climate goals, everyone must play a role and sport is in a unique position to lead by example, by focusing on low carbon solutions within its operations and events wherever possible . » says Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, who leads UN Sport for Climate Action at UN Climate Change. “ It's been two years since we launched the Sport for Climate Action framework, and we have created significant momentum with a growing number of signatories wanting to align with this 1.5 degree target. OC Sport's commitment to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2028 demonstrates the urgency to act, and the global influence that can be achieved through the events portfolio . »


Key components of the Rethink Sport strategy include:

Minimize Carbon

• Achieve carbon neutrality of the company by 2028, with all OC Sport events committed to this objective

• Events with mass participation will be carbon neutral by 2025

• OC Sport sailing events will be carbon neutral by 2028

• OC Sport offices will be carbon neutral by 2023

• Selection of carbon offset programs

• Introduction of a responsible sourcing charter for all activities and events


Maximize meaning

• Develop a sustainable partnership program

• Identify and engage partners around our sustainable development program

• Align and integrate sustainable development objectives into our partnership agreement, including those with host cities

• Obtain B Corp certification by 2023, a certification of social and environmental performance


OC Sport was founded in Cowes, UK in 1998. The company, which now has offices in France and Switzerland, is a pioneer in the creation, management and organization of unique sporting experiences in sailing, cycling, running and triathlon.


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