12-09-2022 - News



The Nantes-based events agency Sport Ouest Organisation, has merged with the OC Sport Group (a subsidiary of the Télégramme Group), a leading player in the world of sport, specialised in outdoor events and professional sailing. 

The two entities, both recognised for their creativity, responsibility and territorial roots, create and organise unique sporting events. They are experts in the general coordination of events, including the management of participants, public and private partnerships and volunteers, logistics, marketing and communication. They strive to offer the most beautiful courses to provide unique experiences for the athletes. 


OC Sport’s subsidiary, OC Sport Pen Duick, which is based in Lorient, France, organises major professional sailing events, including theRoute du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe, The Transat CIC, Solitaire du Figaro, Arkéa Ultim Challenge-Brest and LaTransat Paprec.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, OC Sport Suisse manages outdoor endurance sports events, including  the Generali Genève Marathon, La Tour Genève Triathlon, Run Mate by Core Lean and the Triathlon du Mont-Blanc. 

Sport Ouest Organisation organises running events including the Abalone Marathon in Nantes, La Duchesse and manages the Foulée des Géants at Puy du Fou. 


Through this merger, the two companies are combining their strengths to increase their development in Western France. 

Already established in Brittany to manage some of the world's finest offshore races, OC Sport aims to strengthen its position in the French outdoor sports events market and reinforce its position as a leader in the sports industry.

With passionate employees who share common values, the OC Sport group aims to offer quality events that provide unique experiences for participants and volunteers, while supporting local authorities and partners. 

Naturally, all outdoor sports events in the west of France will be organised with respect for the territories and the environment, following the guidelines instilled by OC Sport a few years ago: Rethink Sport. 

Julien Gaborieau, founder of Sport Ouest Organisation, said: "The whole Sport Ouest Organisation team and I are delighted to be joining the OC Sport group. It is a great pride to participate in the development of one of the leaders of the event industry. From my first discussions with Benjamin Chandelier, (Managing Director of OC Sport Outdoor), I was convinced by the group's project. We share a common passion for sport, with the greatest respect for nature. The company's philosophy and the values promoted by OC Sport, particularly in terms of the environment, convinced me of the obviousness of this merger. As a company that organises sports events, it is our responsibility to act. We need to rethink the way we organise our events, to lead the change towards a cleaner future.”

Benjamin Chandelier, Managing Director of OC Sport Outdoor said: "This development in Nantes will allow the group to have a larger territorial network in the outdoor world, favouring proximity with local players. This merger with Sport Ouest Organisation meets the desire of the Télégramme Group, owner of OC Sport, to produce endurance sports events in the west of France.” 

Hervé Favre, President of OC Sport commented: "We are delighted with this merger which, I am convinced, will lead to new projects. This new location in the West of France will be enhanced by future synergies with the OC Sport group's sailing teams based in Lorient and will benefit from the unfailing support of the Télégramme Group, whose influence in this region is significant.”  

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